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4 Easy Tips to Pick the Right Equipment Attachment-01

4 Easy Tips to Pick the Right Equipment Attachment

January 25, 2024

An attachment has the power to upgrade any piece of equipment into a productive beast. Identifying the appropriate attachment can allow you to offer a variety of services and expand your business year-round. Discover 4 simple tips to keep in mind while choosing the ideal attachment for your equipment:

Understand Your Environment

When selecting the right attachment, it's important to consider factors like weather, surroundings, and material fragility. Taking this factor into consideration facilitates the proper handling of products. Attachments can do different jobs, like clearing snow with a bucket or collecting leaves. To identify the appropriate attachment, consider the services you intend to provide.

Understand Your Equipment

Checking your equipment specifications is a key initial step. Model numbers, tipping loads, and weight capabilities are important when finding attachments that fit your equipment. This information ensures your equipment can handle that attachment and additional weight to work at maximum efficiency.

Fabricated Vs Hydromechanical Attachments

Fabricated attachments are flexible, requiring no additional auxiliary hydraulics, and can be utilized on any machine, regardless of the manufacturer. Buckets, hammers, and augers are examples of hydromechanical attachments, powered by the equipment's auxiliary hydraulic system. Matching the machine's configuration ensures it functions properly and maximizes efficiency.

Image source: Bobcat Company

Top Attachments by Industry

To learn more about different attachments for your industry, explore "Top 10 Attachments in Your Industry."


Requires versatile and tough attachments to withstand whatever comes its way.

  • Buckets: manage and transport materials like soil, rocks, sand, etc. Buckets with teeth can excavate hard soil while removing roots.
  • Industrial Grapple / Root Grapple: equipped with massive claws capable of lifting or dragging logs, relocating rocks/hay, or clearing a job site.
Image source: Bobcat Company


Agriculture & Landscaping

Demands flexible attachments that aid in various tasks, including planting, clearing paths, and supporting daily activities.

  • Auger attachments quickly drill holes in surfaces, including hard soil, gravel, rocks, and trees.
  • Pallet Fork ideal for moving palletized materials and handling heavy bags of fertilizer or seeds in landscaping projects.
Image source: Bobcat Company

Ground Maintenance

Requires a flexible range of attachments to maintain productivity throughout the year from plowing snow in February to leaf removal in October.

  • Buckets great for pushing and piling heavy amounts of snow. Large bucket attachments can also be used for various tasks such as moving grass, dirt, leaves, etc.
  • Angle Brooms designed for heavy-duty sweeping of dirt, snow, and other unwanted material.
Image source: Bobcat Company

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