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8 Most Popular Snow Removal Equipment Attachments

January 26, 2024

Clearing snow can be challenging without the proper attachments. Identifying the correct attachment for your equipment enhances task efficiency and productivity. Discover the maximum potential of your machine by exploring our list of top snow removal attachments.


Snow Pusher

  • Transitions into snowplow or into a box plow
  • Clears snow from uneven surfaces without surface damage
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Snow Scraper

  • Ideal for clearing surfaces for walking or driving
  • Breaks through materials like ice, mud, or snow
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Snow Bucket

  • Capable of lifting & carrying large quantities of snow
  • Ideal for areas with heavy snowfall
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Snow V- Blade

  • Designed to plow through deep drifts and create large snow piles
  • Used for clearing parking lots, driveways, and roadways
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Snow Blower

  • Used to clear large amounts of snow
  • Ideal for clearing parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways
Image source: Bobcat Equipment


Angle Broom

  • Clears light snow without surface damage
  • Suitable for sweeping debris, dirt, and other unwanted materials
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Snow Blade

  • Stick indicators are placed on the blade to optimize visibility of attachment corners.
  • 30-degree right and left movements for added flexibility
Image source: Bobcat Equipment

Contact Atlas Bobcat for more details on available snow removal attachments.


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