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Winterize Your Bobcat: Pro-Tips for Cold Weather Equipment Maintenance

February 09, 2024

Image Source: Bobcat Equipment

When it comes to winterizing your Bobcat, here are a few important steps to remember to maximize the efficiency of your equipment no matter the temperature!

Key Areas to Check

Fluids, Oils, and Fuels ⛽️

  • Check fluids regularly
  • Use the right engine oil viscosity →
  • Use low temperature grease for proper lubrication
  • Test and change engine coolant
  • Change the hydraulic oil filter
  • Consider using alternative diesel fuel or anti-gel additives in cold weather

Image Source: Bobcat Equipment

1.Engine Maintenance 

Change the oil and replace the oil filter before winter. Cold temperatures can make oil thicker, so using a winter-grade oil can help with easier starts and better lubrication.

Image Source: Bobcat Company, “How To Change Engine Oil & Filter on Bobcat Engines”, 2020. Accessed via

2.Coolant Protection 

Check the coolant’s freeze point and make sure it’s suitable for the lowest temperatures typically expected in your area. If needed, add antifreeze to prevent the coolant from freezing and causing damage to the engine.

Image Source:Bobcat Company

3.Hydraulic System Care 

Inspect the hydraulic fluid for any signs of contamination of water content. Cold temperatures can cause water to freeze, leading to potential damage to the system. If necessary, drain and replace the hydraulic fluid.

Image Source: Bobcat Company, “How To Replace Hydraulic Fluid on Your Compact Excavator”, 2021. Accessed via

4.Air Filter Maintenance 

Clean or replace the air filter to ensure proper airflow to the engine. Cold weather can make the engine work harder, so it’s important to have a clean filter for optimal performance.

Image Source: Bobcat Company “How To Change an Air Filter on Tier 4 Bobcat Engines”, 2022. Accessed via

5.Grease Fittings 

Apply grease to all the fittings on your Bobcat equipment. Not only is routine greasing crucial for increasing the lifetime of your equipment, this will also help protect against moisture and prevent freezing, ensuring smooth operation all winter long! Consult your owner’s manual to locate grease points on your machine.

Image Source:  Bobcat Company

6.Electric System Check 

Inspect the wiring, connections, and battery terminals for any signs of damage or corrosion. Ensure that the battery is fully charged and consider using a battery blanket or heater to keep it warm during frigid temperatures or extended periods where the equipment will not be in use.

Image Source: Bobcat Equipment

Remember, these are just a few simple steps to consider when winterizing your Bobcat equipment. Always consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions, or contact your local Bobcat dealer for assistance! 

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Image Source: Bobcat Equipment

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