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Atlas Bobcat is your fully stocked construction equipment dealer in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area offering a broad range of machinery for any type of project. Whether you are looking for wheel loaders, compact excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, chippers or grinders – our showroom has the right piece for you!

Track Loaders

Designed for versatility while still providing loads of power, compact track loaders, like the Bobcat® T450, allow for easy maneuverability around your worksite. Perfect for mid-range jobs such as loading, dumping, and backfilling, a compact track loader lets you work quicker and easier – saving you money.

Skid Steer Loaders

Every job requires some kind of lifting. Get the job done right with a compact Skid Steer Loader like the Bobcat® S750. Proper weight distribution and superior lift arms give you 11 ft of lift height as well as a superior radius lift path for increased reach at truck bed height.  

Mini Excavators

Workspace is always a valued commodity. Mini excavators like the Bobcat® E50 give you the digging performance you need without taking up the whole work site. A single inch tail overhang and a long-arm option means you can do more with less, saving your time and money.  Plus, the automatic idle mode saves you fuel and allows for easy communication between the operator and ground crew.  


Tough soil doesn’t stand a chance when you have a trencher attachment for your Bobcat® loader, or maybe you need a mobile auger to get that fence up quickly. Either way, Bobcat® attachments are ideal for giving you the versatility on the job site without breaking the bank. Plus, the size and maneuverability of Bobcat® vehicles give you the precision you need when working in tight quarters.

Bandit Wood Chippers and Stump Grinders

Bandit Industries is one of the largest manufacturers and leading suppliers of hand-fed brush and wood chippers, whole tree chippers, stump grinders, forestry mowers, and waste reduction machines including the powerful Beast© Recycler horizontal grinder. Home of the popular Brush Bandit wood chipper, Bandit offers customizable tree care equipment and heavy duty machines for any size chipping or grinding application. Bandit wood chippers, Beast recyclers, stump grinders and forestry mowers serve professionals in many industries including loggers, tree care professionals, land clearing operations, utility companies, municipalities, recycling operations, and Bandit wood chippers also supply renewable biomass fuel for chip boilers and biomass wood pellet manufacturers around the world.